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For a complete ophthalmological assessment please allow approximately 1 hour, without ruling out for extra time in case additional examinations are deemed necessary. It is advised that you are accompanied by a friend or relative as in the majority of cases there is use of eye dilation drops. In case the appointment is for a minor (under 17 years old), the presence of a parent or legal guardian is required.

The type of eye examination will depend on the type of problem/condition you are facing. As stated, in most situations there will be use of eye dilation drops. Dilation of the eye is necessary in order to examine the retina and the optical nerve. Check for eye pressure as well as a fundus test (fundoscopy) will be conducted.

Additional examinations may take place should a specialized diagnosis be required for certain eye conditions.

Our complete examination allows us to assess the patient for cataract, glaucoma, diabetes and retina conditions.

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