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Eye Injections For AMD


The age-related macular degeneration is a disease of the macula due to the fact that the cells age, degenerate and are destroyed. The macular age (AMD) occurs as two separate entities, the dry AMD and wet AMD, depending on whether the liquid is collected in the macula.

Distinction is important because wet AMD requires special treatment with injections with or without laser. The wet AMD is called wet because the liquid is gathered inside & down the retina causing swelling in macula and disturbing the connections between cells resulting in blurred vision. This fluid comes from pathological vessels that are formed in the body in an attempt to rescue the macula’s cells.

This effort, unfortunately, is the major problem in wet AMD because these vessels don’t have a solid wall to keep the blood and its components inside. As a result, fluid fat or blood leaks into the surrounding areas – the photoreceptors.

In previous years there was no cure for these vessels. Today we are able to fight these vessels with injections alone or together with laser. A significant part of patients have improved eyesight and an additional significant part of patients regain stabilization of their vision.

A disadvantage of injection is that it may need to be done very often (every month) for a long time (even years) with accumulating risks and costs.
Injections can be combined with special laser, with other medicines, even with specific surgeries. This of course assumes that the doctor has the expertise in various therapeutic methods.

The close cooperation of the patient and the physician is the cornerstone in treating the macular. Cooperation should be based on active participation of the patients after they understand the purpose and the prospect of treatment.


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