Welcome to PrimeonEye


Here,the focus is on YOU and our caring staff is dedicated to improving the quality of your vision now and your vision for life.

We are proud to be first worldwide to have successfully conducted therapies and operative techniques while we continually strive for new perspectives in the research and improvement of vision disorders. We integrate in our practice all latest innovations as soon as we are convinced of the need as well as their integrity.

Major contributors are modern latest technology equipment, clinical research, ongoing contact with top scientists internationally and medical practice experience in various areas from academic to purely private rooms in numerous countries with different treatment models.

Why PrimeonEye?

  • Direct contact and information from the doctor

  • Keeping detailed patient records

  • Selective and modern equipment

  • International experience of doctors from the exercise of surgery and pathology of the eye in various parts of the world and in different models of medical care in management positions

  • Leader in Greece and internationally in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of eye diseases

  • Several publications in authoritative Greek and foreign magazines of Ophthalmology


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