Swept source DRI Triton plus. Advanced tomography, angiography and imaging of the eye. The most up to date diagnostic multimodal tool for Macular disorders, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Vascular diseases of the eye! Lenstar Laser Biometry Accurate calculation of Intraocular Lenses’ power, Topography-Aberrometry for refractive correction.

Cataracts affect the vision of millions. A cataract is a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. As a cataract grows, you may notice symptoms like poor night vision, fading colors, or double vision in one eye. It is a common condition among older adults however cataract surgery is one of the most successful, safest procedures in medicine.

In refractive lens exchange (RLE) eye surgery, your eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial one to achieve sharper focus. The procedure for refractive lens exchange is identical to cataract surgery. In Vitrectomy the vitreous gel is removed and the macula and/or the retina is treated through tiny self-sealing holes of the eyeball with local and even topical anesthesia.

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Dr. Theocharis graduated from Athens Medical School and specialized in Ophthalmology at Red Cross Hospital in Athens. He had been working as a retina consultant in Sweden at the Academic Hospital, Uppsala for many years and as head of the Retina Department at SvetiVid Eye Center in Belgrade, Serbia for 5 years.

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Dr. A. Alexandridou

Dr. Anastasia Alexandridou PhD graduated from the Medical School of Bologna University, Italy. She is a doctor of Philosophy of the Pathology Department of Athens University on the pathophysiology of age related macular degeneration. She currently works in private sector in Athens Greece.



Ever since presbyopia first knocked on my door around 10 years ago, I had come to terms that I will be wearing glasses from here on. Little did I know about the progress in ophthalmology until PrimeonEye truly opened my eyes. Thank you Dr. Theocharis for all your patience and making me feel absolutely comfortable

Spiros K

My mother had always been extremely reserved towards any type of examination. When her vision started to fade, a 5 minute discussion with Dr. Theocharis convinced her to visit his office. Fortunately the cataract was in its early stages but more important my mother is now a regular patient, having overcome her long time fears!

Christine M

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Here, the focus is on YOU and our caring staff is dedicated to improving the quality of your vision now and your vision for life.

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